Representative Payee

Can My Mom Threaten To Take Control Of My SS?

can a relative (mom) threaten to take control of my SS if they say I'm not responsible enough. Info about me I am 43 yrs old born with spinia bifida. Live with mom, sister (45) her bf and their 2 kids. I use my own money to pay our cable, phone, internet, trash bill and half the cell bill and occasionally help with electric bill. My own basic needs (clothes, shoes, shower stuff, diapers, pop, snacks). Help buy dinner groceries. Loan my sister money.

What Are My Next Steps?

I am the payee of my daughter’s survivor benefits. She was in the social services system (CPS) for 18 months and now currently back in my custody. Social services said that they are entitled to a portion of her benefits but when she was returned to my custody she did not have any back payments issued. I have called SSA but they said they could not find who was the payee during those 18 months. I’m wondering what my next steps are. Thank you


Can I Pay My Phone Bill With My Child's SSI?

Can I pay my phone bill with my childs ssi ? We have alot of appointments so was wandering is it was we kinda need the phone


I assume you mean that you are the representative payee for your child. Your responsibility as a representative payee is to use your child's benefits for his or her current needs, and save any remainder for future needs. If the child lives in your household, you can use the child's benefits to pay for his or her reasonable share of household expenses.

How Do I Get Reimbursed From Social Security?

Hi Larry, my brother recently passed away, and I have legal custody of his two daughters. However the girls mother fraudulently filed for his death benefits, as well as their monthly benefits. I took custody of the girls 2 months after he passed away, and their mother, and her mother filed on the two girls behave. They continued receiving their benefits for a total of 5 months, four of which I had custody. The final court order indicates that their mother, and her mother owe us over $27,000 in Social Security benefits that they received, and shouldn’t have had.

What Am I Supposed To Do With My Granddaughters' Benefits?

I am retired and we have adopted our two granddaughters. I am receiving social security for myself and both my granddaughters. I don't understand why I am receiving their social security also and how I am supposed to use it. Am I supposed to give it to them, save it for them or use it to help raise them? My granddaughter thinks they should get it to spend or save however they want. She doesn't think we should use any of it for monthly expenses, etc. Your help would be appreciated.


Does A Child Who Is Now Age 18 Have Any Recourse If His Mother Didn't Save His Social Security Benefits For Him?

We have had a young man living with us since the death of his father. We are friends, not legal guardians. His father died when he was 16. He is now 18 and has asked his mother for his survivor benefits. She had never told him what his monthly payment was, but after he turned 18, he received his first check on his own for $986. When he asked his mother for the rest of his money, she claimed that there was only $3,000 of the roughly $24,000 that he should have had.

What Can We Pay For Out Of Our Son's SSI?

My son just started receiving SSI. He lives at home with both parents. Received part of his back pay. We are using his money to redo his room (new bed, windows, flooring, lighting). Have used some for food and clothing. Do I have to keep track of spending the back pay?We don't charge him rent but can we use some of that money to help us out with our house payment? We don't have a heat pump, we use a wood stove for heat. Can I use some of his money to help us get the wood? If yes to these can I just write up a receipt?

When Will My Daughter Be Paid?

I just won my SSDI claim. I have one dependent. She is entitled to 50% of my PIA. My monthly payments are scheduled for the third Wed. of each month. My question is when is my dependent paid and do I need a separate, dedicated bank account for her funds or can I have them deposited into my bank account since I am her rep. payee. Thanks--Is there a SSA link answers this question? Please post if there is.