Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

Can I Draw Spousal Benefits If I Receive A Non-Covered Government Pension?

I was born 1948 my wife 1954. We both draw a retirement form the start of Alaska. My wife only gets about $300 a month from the Alaska retirement. We both are vested in SS 40+ quarters. I started my ss when I was 62 and was reduced because I was retire from the state of Alaska to $350 a month. Because of off set laws and others I under stand I can not draw on my wife's SS and her SS will be reduced because she get a AK retirement.

Do I Have To Pay SS Taxes On My Earnings After Retiring From Civil Service?


I'm a Federal Employee in the old full pension CSRS system. My question is about the WEP or Windfall Elimination Provision. I worked my entire Federal Career in CSRS, from 1978 to 2017, retiring in January. I have had a few part time jobs over the years and I have more that 40 quarters but not the required years of substantial earnings so I will be WEP'd.

Will I Be Subject to WEP & GPO?

Hello Larry,
My question concerns filing a 'restricted' spousal application on my husbands' benefits while deferring mine until age 70.
My husband began receiving his benefits at age 62. He is now 65. I will be 66 this October. and plan on filing. It is my understanding, from reading your book, that I should be able to collect half of what would have been his benefit at his FRA. and hold off on mine until age 70.

Does Your Software Account for Public Pensions?

Hi, I am currently reading "Get What's Yours" and am considering signing up for the Households subscription on this website. Prior to that, I want to ensure this can assist me since my wife is a retired school teacher collecting those retirement benefits and won't be collecting Social Security. Will this help me figure out the best course of action for our situation and to when I should collect? I am currently still working and will be 64 in a few weeks. Thanks, Mike

Can I Receive a Divorced Spousal Beneift with a Public Pension?

Hi, I recently went to social security to apply for my retirement benefit. I am 65 years old, retired teacher and apparently did not pay enough into social security in order to be eligible for the whole benefit I was entitled to. They cut my benefit 50% because it was offset by my TRS benefit. Well then I asked them about my Xspouse's benefit, they told me I was not entitled because the law had changed as well on that. I have been working 9 years since I retired, and had met my quarters. Is Social Security correct on all this?

Will My Deferred Investment Count As A Non-Covered Pension?

When I applied for spousal benefits the examiner concluded that a type of deferred investment (like an IRA) by a former employer was considered a "pension" and subsequently reduced this benefit by more than half. I am wondering if this really constitutes a "pension" under the Windfall Elimination Provision? I did not make any contribution if that is an issue. Currently I am delaying taking Social Security but would this determination still hold true at that time.


How Can I Remove the WEP?

I began receiving social security at age 65. However, I also receive a small Cal State Teachers Retirement benefit. Social security leveled the " windfall tax" penalty against me and lessened my SS benefit by about $300 - $350 per month (The CALSTRS benefit is relatively small because I did not teach " full time" throughout my career ). Is there a way to bring Social Security to remove the " windfall tax " penalty in my case?