Filing For Retirement Benefits

Is It Better To File At The Social Security Office Or File Online?


I am three months from my 64th birthday and I plan on applying for my social security benefits this week. I know I am two years from full retirement but I am in a position (physically and mentally) that I really need to collect my social security earnings. Is it best to go to the SS office and file there or to file for my benefits online.


My Local Office Refused To Help Me File For Retirement Benefits

Dear Larry,

I went to a social security office first thing and was called at 10:20 to be told by an agent that I should open an acct and do this online. If it only takes 10 minutes, that's how long she spent with me and made a telephone appointment. I don't function well with computers as I always pick the wrong thing. My birthday was in June, am now 70 and they are telling me to apply for June benefits. Is this correct?

Best, Mimi

Dear Mimi,

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