Earnings Subject To Social Security Taxes

What Can I Do If My Former Employer Failed To Report My Earnings?

I discovered that a previous employer did not report my earnings back in 1986. I've been retired (at 66) for a few years now. Is it likely that that $6,000 would make a difference in my monthly Soc. Sec. check now? I have the withholding statement from the employer. The owner is now deceased but the current corp. still exists. How should I handle this?


How Do I Get My Last Quarter Of Coverage To Qualify For Benefits?

I have 10 years less one quarter of employment, years ago. Last 20 years of self-employment. How do i get that last quarter to qualify for social security and Medicare. I am 63.


The only way to get a quarter of coverage is to earn enough to qualify. In 2017, the amount of earnings needed for a quarter of coverage is $1300 (https://www.ssa.gov/OACT/COLA/QC.html).

Can I Refuse To Pay FICA Taxes On My Earnings?

I am low end SS recipient at 587.00 mo. Expenses are rising and I must return to work. I do not want to pay into FICA or insurance or any other money grab the government will take. Can barley feed myself as it is. Can I just refuse to pay out if I am hired and how do I tell my employer this without freaking him out ? Thank you for reading this.


How Can I Get Credit For Earnings Not Posted To My Social Security Earnings Record?

Good morning. I have a question/concern. I am 46 year old veteran. I am 60% disabled by the VA. My life has been in turmoil for many years after my service and I am finally beginning to get back on my feet. My question is regarding social security credits. I have worked on and off at one specific place for several years. This employer closed in February 2015. I had not filed taxes for several years because at that time I was at a point that I didn't care much for anything and wasn't very responsible. Fast forward to 2017.

Can I Pay Social Security Taxes Retroactively?

I am 72 years old and do not collect SSI as I do (did) not have enough credits. Three years ago I became a paid part time caregiver to my daughter, who is disabled. I am paid by DSHS, state of WA. At the time I did not elect to pay into SSI because I did not think I would need to continue doing this long enough to qualify for benefits. Now that three years have gone by and I am still doing it, I would like to know if I can pay the SSI taxes retroactively in order to qualify. If so how would I go about accomplishing this?

Hi Brenda,

How Can I Get Credit For Earnings That Aren't Posted To My Record?

After I retired a couple years ago I review my social security earnings, and found out that 6 years of my earnings are 0, I took all my taxes, to SS and told me that I have 0 on those years due, to the fact that form 4137 is missing from those years, still it does not convince me, because I have 8 years that I don't have unreported income, because the company has reported it on the W-2 form. Also they told me that I can't do anything now because the limit time to correct such error, has past 3 years 3 months and 15 days. Can you please help me. Many thanks in advance.

Can I Earn Social Security Credits By Paying Taxes On Earnings I Had In The 1980s?

We lived overseas for three years in the late 1980s. I was teaching part-time in a local school. We reported the income (income earned abroad) to the IRS in order for me to be able to add funds to my IRA account. However, we did not pay Social Security or Medicare taxes on this income. I have 34 years of income reported to SSA, so in that regard I am OK. However, adding these three years of income, even if we must pay additional SS and Medicare taxes, would likely increase my SS payment when I retire--adding the 35th year and deleting one or two of my lower earning years.

May I Put Money Into The Social Security System?

I work in the advertising industry as a free-lancer for production companies that service ad agencies that produce television commercials. May I put money in the Social Security system?


If you are self-employed operating a trade or business, then the answer is yes, assuming that you have a net profit of at least $400 annually. In fact, it is actually required. For more information, see this pamphlet from Social Security: https://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-10022.pdf.

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