Will I Need To Furnish Anything Special When I File For SS With Respect To My Zero Earnings Years?

Oct 12 2019 - 7:16am

I am 67 years old and plan to defer benefits until age 70. In reviewing my SS Earnings record, (which begins in 1966 and ends in 2017), have several years (11) with zero SS earnings because I was working overseas. Will I need to furnish anything special when I file for SS with respect to my zero earning years?


No, if you were working overseas then I assume that Social Security taxes weren't deducted from your wages and the zeroes on your earnings record in those years are correct. If you had any earnings on which you did pay Social Security taxes and those earnings don't show up on your record, then you would need to submit proof of the earnings (e.g. W-2 forms) to Social Security in order to get them credited to your record.

Best, Jerry