Earnings Subject To Social Security Taxes

Is There Any Way To Get Some Of My Zero Earnings Years Off Of My Record?

Admittedly I have lived on the fringe of society partly out of choice and partly out of necessity and as a result have several 0's in my earning years. I have earned enough to qualify for SS retirement benefits though small. Early in my working career I had several jobs which were under the table, some were voluntary but generally it was a mandatory condition in order to work. A couple of the employers simply cheated and never paid the taxes even though my checks showed the deductions.

Can I Voluntarily Pay Social Security Taxes On My Overseas Wages?

Hi I have paid in to social security for 15 years then I took a new job overseas my new employer is 100 percent foreign company I file my taxes ect each year as I should but I notice I'm not paying into my social security as my employer does not provide any option to do so. Do I have the option to pay myself and what's the minimum to pay to keep the window open for me to be eligible for social security disability if needed or retirement when I come of age thanks.


Will My Brother's Social Security Be Affected If He Fails To File A Tax Return?

My brother did not file his Federal taxes this past year, as he figured he was unemployed the entire year and only made some money from side jobs totaling maybe $4-6,000 for the year. He is 61 years old now and has been unemployed for about 5 years now. However, this is the first year he did not file his taxes. I am wondering, as his dutiful younger brother, if this negligence on his part will effect negatively his ability to claim social security starting at 62 next year. Please advise, thanks.


Should I List The Family That I Recently Worked For As My Employer?

I am a 63-year-old woman who was a nanny for a family for several months last year.They paid me in cash, which means they did NOT consider me an employee and did not withhold FICA taxes. When I apply for my Social Security benefits (possibly soon), am I correct in deducing that I cannot list this family as people for whom I have worked? (Questions 19-20 on the Application For Retirement Insurance Benefits, Form SSA-1-BK)


Will My Earnings Be Subject To Social Security Taxes If I Retire And Go Back To Work For My Employer?

I will retire with a state funded retirement system, SURS. We do not pay into social security. My questions is when i retire i am planning on going back to work for my same employer. i will not be required to pay into SURS because i will be collecting my pension. Since they are an eligible SURS employer and have that fica/futa exemption will i have to pay social security tax?

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How Can I Correct My Earnings History?

Larry, the federal govt reported social security earnings in 1983 and 1985. During this time I was covered under CSRS, any idea how I get this corrected?


No action is likely needed unless you are or will become eligible for Social Security benefits. If correction is necessary, you will likely need to submit copies of your W-2 forms to Social Security for the years in question.

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Were Social Security Taxes Withheld From My Military Pay?

Hi; I am retired civilian from the Federal government. I am trying to obtain my 40 quarters for SS. I have 35 quarters according the SSA.GOV ,My SS Benefits. I was in the Nave reserve for 1 year and then served 20 months active duty from Feb 15,1968 to Oct 31, 1969. I don't recall if SS was deducted or if I have to repay it. in 1968 I earned $1409 and in 169 I earned $2284


PS I want be rid of Held Harmless!!

Hi Barry,

What Should I Do If My SS Statements Aren't Correct?

My SS statements show that I have earned 31 credits. I went to the SS office to verify, and they say I have earned 36 credits. I asked which information would be used to determine eligibility and they said the information at their office would be used. I mentioned this to a friend of mine and he said it might be worth my while to get SS to reconcile my statement to what SS shows on their computers when I go the office. I earn non SS income and am aware of the WEP. I am considering working some more with SS covered employment in order to take my SS benefit.