Earnings Subject To Social Security Taxes

What Should I Do If Earnings Are Missing From My Social Security Record?

I am 77 years old and waited until 70 to file for SS benefits. I recently signed up for a my social security account, and noticed that its missing 6 years of earnings. I can't seem to correct this on line and I haven't been able to get through on the phone (after waiting an hour or more for them to answer the call hangs up. I have had this happen several times). Any help?


Will Filing For Social Security Trigger An Audit And Fines For Failure To Pay FICA Taxes?

As the sole owner of a Sub Chapter S homebuilder for many years, I paid FICA on a salary to myself. My Sub Chapter S also accumulated a few rental properties along the way. But back in 2008 when it became impossible to sell any new construction homes, my Sub Chapter stopped paying FICA on me. I started living off rental income and also some property management fees and commissions without paying FICA. Some of the rentals were owned by the Sub Chapter S and some by me personally.

Will I Need To Furnish Anything Special When I File For SS With Respect To My Zero Earnings Years?

I am 67 years old and plan to defer benefits until age 70. In reviewing my SS Earnings record, (which begins in 1966 and ends in 2017), have several years (11) with zero SS earnings because I was working overseas. Will I need to furnish anything special when I file for SS with respect to my zero earning years?


Should Additional Earnings Be Posted To My Social Security Earnings History?

On my summary of earnings, 6 years (1892-1989) that I was teaching full-time in Humble Texas, are recorded as $0. Someone at social security said in in Texas you could opt out, or collect the social security earnings, when you left the job. Is this possible and if so, I am certain I did NOT authorize this, but am quite certain my ex husband would have taken the money out in a heartbeat. We regrettably were still married then. Is there anything I can do to have those earnings reinstated as they will fall within my highest 35 years of earnings. Thanks!--LL

Is It Better To Bonus Additional Money To Me Instead Of My Wife?

My wife and I are late 50s with a Dependent Adult Child. Historically, I have had much higher earnings maxing out in most years. My wife has been in and out of the workforce with lower paying jobs. With a DAC, it seems like our priority should always be maxing out on my SS earnings since our DAC may get 30+ years of those higher benefits (at 75%) after we're gone. While we are all 3 alive, we are likely to be hit with the max family benefit cap if both my wife and DAC are trying to collect.

Will My 1099 Income Be Used Just Like W-2 Earnings In Calculating My Benefit Rate?

Larry: I started receiving 1099 earnings as an independent contractor at the age of 60 in 2010. Are the years beginning in 2010 of receiving 1099 income considered earnings just like W-2 earnings in calculating the 35 highest years of earnings for determining social security benefits? In other words, I elected to begin taking taking social security when I reached full retirement age (age 66). I have continued to earn and report income as an independent contractor on my tax returns beginning in tax year 2010.

Can My Husband Pay Social Secuirty Taxes For The Last 5 Years Retroactively?

My husband was self employed for 5 years and filed taxes for those 5 years, but did not pay his social security taxes. Is there a way to pay them retroactively?


Well, first off your husband would need to have had a net profit of at least $400 in one or more of those years to owe self-employment (i.e. Social Security) taxes. If he didn't, he couldn't pay self-employment taxes on a voluntary basis in order to earn Social Security credits.

Should We Pay Into Social Security To Increase Our Benefits If We're Working In Japan?

Dear Larry - my husband and I have been living and working in Japan for a number of years. We qualify for SS benefits based on our earlier employment in the US. My question is - we are now looking towards retirement but still in Japan and working and our salaries here are much higher here - does it make sense to pay into SS in these last few years of work to increase our SS benefits - the software you have seems to indicate this is the case but wanted to be certain.

Would The Proceeds Of A Settlement From My Former Employer Be Considered As Social Security Wages?

I am 68 and not collecting ss now, but I do work. Waiting until 70 to collect. I may have a settlement coming to me from my former employer. I know that the settlement is taxable. But are the proceeds considered social security wages?