Earnings Subject To Social Security Taxes

Where Can I Get Help With Filing Amended Tax Returns?

I am trying to get SS credits for my husband through our farm Business. We have various business, real estate, rental income and farm income. I am trying to amend 2017, 2018 & 2019 because we do not show a profit, a SE form is not generated. I know I will have to pay SE taxes on those wages off Schedule F. I am not sure if I am doing the forms correctly 1040X and Long Form SE Farm optional method. He only has $6,000 in income that would qualify. WHere can I get help?

Thank you


How Do I Verify Wages From Over 40 Years Ago?

1. Hi Larry-I am reviewing my yearly SS statement for over 40 years work of work. I can tell that my earnings in some years are not reported and I don't have paycheck stubs for those years. I do notice a pattern however. It seems like whenever I worked for a government agency (City in CA) or a university (two from CA), my wages are not recorded. How do I recover and verify wages from over 40 years ago?

If You Subscribe To The Maxifi Program Is There Any Reason To Subscribe To Your Other Software?

1. If a reader subscribes to your program Maxifi, is there any reason that he or she should also subscribe to your other website, maximize my social security?

2. When calculating income for which social security payments are taxed, what is defined as "income"? Is it simply AGI, or is it 'earned income" eg. W-2 and/or self-employed earnings? Could individuals with enough passive income to exceed the limits for taxes to kick in avoid paying income tax on SS by earning less?


What Should I Do If Earnings Are Missing From My Social Security Record?

I am 77 years old and waited until 70 to file for SS benefits. I recently signed up for a my social security account, and noticed that its missing 6 years of earnings. I can't seem to correct this on line and I haven't been able to get through on the phone (after waiting an hour or more for them to answer the call hangs up. I have had this happen several times). Any help?


Will Filing For Social Security Trigger An Audit And Fines For Failure To Pay FICA Taxes?

As the sole owner of a Sub Chapter S homebuilder for many years, I paid FICA on a salary to myself. My Sub Chapter S also accumulated a few rental properties along the way. But back in 2008 when it became impossible to sell any new construction homes, my Sub Chapter stopped paying FICA on me. I started living off rental income and also some property management fees and commissions without paying FICA. Some of the rentals were owned by the Sub Chapter S and some by me personally.

Will I Need To Furnish Anything Special When I File For SS With Respect To My Zero Earnings Years?

I am 67 years old and plan to defer benefits until age 70. In reviewing my SS Earnings record, (which begins in 1966 and ends in 2017), have several years (11) with zero SS earnings because I was working overseas. Will I need to furnish anything special when I file for SS with respect to my zero earning years?


Should Additional Earnings Be Posted To My Social Security Earnings History?

On my summary of earnings, 6 years (1892-1989) that I was teaching full-time in Humble Texas, are recorded as $0. Someone at social security said in in Texas you could opt out, or collect the social security earnings, when you left the job. Is this possible and if so, I am certain I did NOT authorize this, but am quite certain my ex husband would have taken the money out in a heartbeat. We regrettably were still married then. Is there anything I can do to have those earnings reinstated as they will fall within my highest 35 years of earnings. Thanks!--LL