Earnings Subject To Social Security Taxes

Were Social Security Taxes Withheld From My Military Pay?

Hi; I am retired civilian from the Federal government. I am trying to obtain my 40 quarters for SS. I have 35 quarters according the SSA.GOV ,My SS Benefits. I was in the Nave reserve for 1 year and then served 20 months active duty from Feb 15,1968 to Oct 31, 1969. I don't recall if SS was deducted or if I have to repay it. in 1968 I earned $1409 and in 169 I earned $2284


PS I want be rid of Held Harmless!!

Hi Barry,

What Should I Do If My SS Statements Aren't Correct?

My SS statements show that I have earned 31 credits. I went to the SS office to verify, and they say I have earned 36 credits. I asked which information would be used to determine eligibility and they said the information at their office would be used. I mentioned this to a friend of mine and he said it might be worth my while to get SS to reconcile my statement to what SS shows on their computers when I go the office. I earn non SS income and am aware of the WEP. I am considering working some more with SS covered employment in order to take my SS benefit.

What Can I Do If My Former Employer Failed To Report My Earnings?

I discovered that a previous employer did not report my earnings back in 1986. I've been retired (at 66) for a few years now. Is it likely that that $6,000 would make a difference in my monthly Soc. Sec. check now? I have the withholding statement from the employer. The owner is now deceased but the current corp. still exists. How should I handle this?


How Do I Get My Last Quarter Of Coverage To Qualify For Benefits?

I have 10 years less one quarter of employment, years ago. Last 20 years of self-employment. How do i get that last quarter to qualify for social security and Medicare. I am 63.


The only way to get a quarter of coverage is to earn enough to qualify. In 2017, the amount of earnings needed for a quarter of coverage is $1300 (https://www.ssa.gov/OACT/COLA/QC.html).

Can I Refuse To Pay FICA Taxes On My Earnings?

I am low end SS recipient at 587.00 mo. Expenses are rising and I must return to work. I do not want to pay into FICA or insurance or any other money grab the government will take. Can barley feed myself as it is. Can I just refuse to pay out if I am hired and how do I tell my employer this without freaking him out ? Thank you for reading this.


How Can I Get Credit For Earnings Not Posted To My Social Security Earnings Record?

Good morning. I have a question/concern. I am 46 year old veteran. I am 60% disabled by the VA. My life has been in turmoil for many years after my service and I am finally beginning to get back on my feet. My question is regarding social security credits. I have worked on and off at one specific place for several years. This employer closed in February 2015. I had not filed taxes for several years because at that time I was at a point that I didn't care much for anything and wasn't very responsible. Fast forward to 2017.

Can I Pay Social Security Taxes Retroactively?

I am 72 years old and do not collect SSI as I do (did) not have enough credits. Three years ago I became a paid part time caregiver to my daughter, who is disabled. I am paid by DSHS, state of WA. At the time I did not elect to pay into SSI because I did not think I would need to continue doing this long enough to qualify for benefits. Now that three years have gone by and I am still doing it, I would like to know if I can pay the SSI taxes retroactively in order to qualify. If so how would I go about accomplishing this?

Hi Brenda,

How Can I Get Credit For Earnings That Aren't Posted To My Record?

After I retired a couple years ago I review my social security earnings, and found out that 6 years of my earnings are 0, I took all my taxes, to SS and told me that I have 0 on those years due, to the fact that form 4137 is missing from those years, still it does not convince me, because I have 8 years that I don't have unreported income, because the company has reported it on the W-2 form. Also they told me that I can't do anything now because the limit time to correct such error, has past 3 years 3 months and 15 days. Can you please help me. Many thanks in advance.