Disabled Widow(er) Benefits

Can I Get A Higher Benefit Amount When I Turn 66?

I am on SSDI temporarily since 2011, I collect $1,420 from my deceased husbands recorded payment to SSA. I think the penalty is 25%.. I am 63 years old this year, born in 1954. I also collect widows pension of $720 monthly from VA. I have not worked since my disability ruling. ( 3 ) Questions: can I qualify for more SSDI before I turn 66? When I turn 66, in October, 2017, do I get the 25% penalty eliminated? Will full retirement affect my widows pension from the VA?


Are Disabled Widow's Benefits The Same Thing As Regular Widow's Benefits?

I have ssdi as a divorced disabled widow. i am fifty nine years old. i was married for nearly twenty five years.
I had to use my husband's work quarters to get ssdi benefits because i first became disabled at the age of 32 in 1989.
Am I entitled to survivor's widow benefits when i turn 62, in addition to the ssdi I currently receive? is disabled widow benefits the same thing as widow survivor benefits?

Are Benefits For Disabled Widows Unreduced?

My mother is disabled, and became disabled shortly after her husbands death. She just turned 60. Currently she is receiving SSI through disability. My understanding is that she can apply for the survivor benefit based on her husbands social security. My question is that does she get his full benefit because she is disabled? Her current benefit is around $870, but her husbands full benefit would only be around $1230.

Can I Get Widow's Benefits Now?


My husband died 15 years ago (2002), while I was able bodied and working. I became disabled in 2014 and now live in an assisted living facility. I was told since I was not disabled when my husband passed that I could not received any of his benefits. I am now on SSI, but the amount is so small I cannot afford to live. I was also told that I could begin to received some of his benefits when I turn 60. I will be 59 this year. Is it possible to apply for his benefits now?

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How Do I Know I'm Getting All Of The Benefits I Can Get?

I am 57 yrs of age and am totally disabled for 10 years my husband just passed away last year and I contacted social security and they told me I can only receive 447 of my husbands social security for widows benefits since I receive 987 on my income for disability my husband and I were not prepared since he has never been sick and both his parents are in late 90s and I am in stage 3 kidney failure and have had several surgeries and my doctors say my body is deteriorating and my husband did everything to care for me so how do I know I am getting all the benefits I am suppose to s

Can I Collect Disabled Widow's Benefits If I'm Remarried?

My first husband passed away in 1994 when I was 33. I am now 55 and have been on disability for 3 years even though I'm remarried can I collect on my first husband's benefits


No, unless you remarried after age 50 and after you became disabled (https://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/handbook/handbook.04/handbook-0406.html).

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Can I Work Part-Time Without Losing My Disability Benefits?

I live in TX. I receive widows benefits at the rate of 72% of what I would have received had my husband retired. He was 57. I also am disabled since 2006 and thus receive a small percentage of mine due to forced medical retirement. As you may have guessed, it is a meager income and Medicare does not cover all the bills.
Is it possible for me to work part time, if my health will allow, without affecting my social security? If so, what is the monetary limit? I'm getting disparate and don't want to lose my home or have to move in with family

Will My Benefits Go Up In The Future?

My husband was 47 & drawing SSD, I was 60,drawing SSD. Husband passed away in June of 2013 @ 47 years old.I was drawing my $1015.00 & $269.oo I will be 65 in Jan.29,2016,will I be able to draw all my husband's that he was getting when he passed.$1402,00? & allso keep a getting my $1015.00? I was also married to a man for 16 years before this marriage,he is retired & drawing over $ 1900. a month.Can I get any of his?This is very confusing.

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