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Will The Benefit Amount I Receive From My Deceased Husband's Record Be Recalculated When I Reach Full Retirement Age?

If I started receiving ssd benefits in 06 , my husband passed away in 09 neither one of us was fra so I began receiving a percentage of what my husband would have gotten . Now that I have turned full retirement age , I know mine will remain the same , will my husband’s portion be recalculated, to 100 percent of the years he put in ? Or does everything remain the same , other than they are calling it retirement.

Hi. Your own benefit rate won't change when you reach full retirement age (FRA), but it sounds like your widow's benefit amount could go up. When a person is already collecting Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits when they become entitled to widow's benefits or disabled widow's benefits, any reduction for age that is initially applied to the widow's benefit rate is removed when the widow reaches FRA ( It almost all cases, that results in an increase in the person's total benefit amount.

Best, Jerry

Nov 2 2022 - 9:27pm
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