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What are your Social Security questions? Ask Professor Larry Kotlikoff and the experts at Maximize My Social Security

Ask Larry

My weekly Ask Larry column ran for almost four years at PBS NewsHours' site. We've now moved Ask Larry to the best place to both answer your general questions and let you calculate your particular optimal benefit collection strategy.

We pledge to answer as many questions as possible in the columns below. Please share Ask Larry on social media and consider purchasing our Maximize My Social Security program, which will show you precisely how to get everything you paid for. All my best, Larry.

Picture of Professor Laurence Kotlikoff
Laurence "Larry" Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics, Boston University, and President of Economic Security Planning, Inc., makers of Maximize My Social Security

Latest Questions and Answers

If I Die Can My Wife File For Reduced Benefits On Her Record At Age 62 And Then Apply For My Full Amount When She Turns 67?

I am 75. I delayed filing until age 70 and currently receive around the maximum benefit, $4500 per month.

My spouse is 60 and qualifies on her own work record. If I die in the next year could she file for reduced benefits on her record at 62 and then apply for survivors benefit at age 67 and get 100% of my current benefit(adjusted for cost of living)?

If I am still alive in a few years, could she also file for reduced benefits on her record at 62 and then apply for survivors benefit at age 67 and get 100% of my current benefit(adjusted for cost of living)?

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Category: Filing Options
Posted: Mar 29 2023 - 5:39pm

Can I Still Get The 8.7% COLA If I Wait Until I Turn 70 To Apply?

I turn 68 in April, if I don't apply for social security until I turn 70 in 2025, will I still get the 8.7% increase for 2023 ?

Hi. Yes. Social Security retirement benefit rates for everyone born prior to January 2 1961 will be credited with the recent 8.7% cost of living (COLA) increase no matter when they start collecting benefits.

Best, Jerry

Category: Cost Of Living Increases
Posted: Mar 29 2023 - 5:30pm

How Will Benefits Be Affected When One Of The Children Drawing Benefits Turns 18?

Hi - father with disability is receiving SSDI $1,500, his two children are receiving $600 for both, one of the children is turning 18, how will the benefit be affected, go away? The child is not disabled and not in school. Thank you

Hi. Once a child turns age 18 they can only remain eligible for child benefits if they are either still in high school or they are disabled. So, it sounds like the child turning age 18 in your example will stop receiving benefits effective with the month they reach age 18.

However, based on the benefit amounts cited . . . Read More

Category: Child Benefits
Posted: Mar 29 2023 - 7:56am
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