Widows Benefits

Is My Grandmother Eligible For Her Deceased Husband's Social Security?


My grandmother wants to know if she will draw her deceased husbands social security? She is 91 years old and her medicare supplement is $384.00. She also wants to know if she will draw his retirement check from John Hancock? His monthly retirement check from John Hancock was $166.00. She only draws $92.00 a month from John Hancock.


I don't know whether or not your grandmother is eligible for survivor benefits from John Hancock, but if she is it won't affect her Social Security benefits.

Will My Wife's Widow's Benefits Be Reduced If She Takes Her Own Benefits Early?


I turn 66 this September. At that time, I will be elibible for full retirement benefits. My wife is 4 years younger. She turns 62 in October. With my earnings record, I will receive close to the maximum benefit. My wife, on the other hand stayed at home to raise our children and did not work full time. She would qualify for marginal benefits ( I think they are around $100.00/ month at full retirement age), so she basically has no benefits of note.

Can I Get Retroactive Benefits?


My husband of 40 years passed away 11-12-13. He was 69. I was unaware of widows benefits and did not file until January 2016, shortly after I turned 61. I know I am receiving a higher benefit because I "waited" to file. If I agree to lower benefits and repayment of my overpayment can I retroactively collect benefits for the year I was eligible?

Hi Valerie,

I'm sorry for your loss.