Is My Grandmother Eligible For Her Deceased Husband's Social Security?

Jul 30 2017 - 7:52am

My grandmother wants to know if she will draw her deceased husbands social security? She is 91 years old and her medicare supplement is $384.00. She also wants to know if she will draw his retirement check from John Hancock? His monthly retirement check from John Hancock was $166.00. She only draws $92.00 a month from John Hancock.


I don't know whether or not your grandmother is eligible for survivor benefits from John Hancock, but if she is it won't affect her Social Security benefits.

I don't know enough about your grandmother's situation to properly answer your question about whether or not she will receive her deceased husband's Social Security benefit. The surviving member of a couple is generally eligible for the higher of their 2 benefit rates, but not both. Your grandmother should probably check with Social Security to see if she is eligible for any additional benefits.

Best, Jerry