Widows Benefits

How Far Back Can I Claim Widow's Benefits?


My husband suddenly passed away on March 25, 2015. He was 67 years old. He was receiving his social security.
I and my children, totally forgot about me applying to get my widow benifits from his social security.
I am retired and receive a pension from my US Goverment employment.
Would you please guide me as to what I should do?
Will I be able to get his pension from the date he died?
Or, what do I do?
Thank you
I am now 67, and on Dec. 2, will be 68.


Can My Wife File For Reduced Benefits On Her Own And Switch To Widow's Benefits When I Die?


I am 71 and my wife 56. I have been receiving SS payments since I turned 66 (Full retirement age). My wife is retired and will start receiving a pension when she turns 57. She wants to collect her own SS benefit at 62. Can she switch to my benefits when I die and collect my full benefit instead of hers. Thanks, Keith

Hi Keith,