Foreign Pensions

Will Social Security Deny My Disability Claim If I File For A Canadian Pension?


I am a Canadian citizen living in the United States who is nearing retirement age. I became disabled and applied for social security benefits approximately six months ago. My disability application was sent to a "totalization" office to ensure it is compliant with the US-Canadian treaty on social benefits. This additional step has resulted in an even longer waiting period to determine whether I am eligible for disability benefits (they estimate two years).

Can My Wife Get Spousal Benefits And A Japanese Pension?



I am married to a Japanese citizen who will be eligible for various government pension benefits from Japan. She is 57 years old as I write this. She has never worked in the USA and has not contributed anything to the social security system. I am a 63 year old US citizen and have contributed since my teens. I plan to wait until 70 before I apply for benefits. The USA and Japan have a Totalization Agreement that addresses social security benefits and payments for individuals and employers that are subject to payments to/from both countries.

Will My Wife's German Pension Affect Her Spousal Or Widow's Benefits?


I am 65 years old, and a natural born American citizen with enough credits to qualify for full Security Security benefits at age 66. My wife is 58 years old and a German citizen who immigrated to the US in 1999, and she has been a lawful US resident (green card holder) since that time. We have been married 18 years. Prior to immigrating to the US, my wife did not have any US-based income and worked only for German private companies with no connection to the US, so none of her German earnings were subject to US Social Security taxes.

Who Do I Have To See About Adjusting My Payment Amount?


I resided in Canada for 33 years. When I turned 62 I applied for SS retirement. At the time I was receiving Canada Disability payments. So SS decided to claw back about $190. When I turned 65 in 2014 my disability stopped and I only received money I paid into Canada Pension Plan. SS told me let them know when I stopped receiving CPP. So now I am trying to get SS to give me my original amour of benefit which was supposed to be $690. They were only giving me $477. per month since 2014.

Is Social Security Correct In Reducing My Benefit?


Dear Larry,

Before I moved to the United States. I lived and worked in London, England until I was about 27(1972).

I have worked since then 100% in the United States. I began collecting Social Security the age of 70, and also found out that I was eligible to receive a UK pension around the same time. However, I received my US pension before I received the UK pension by about a year and declared my UK pension a few months ago(my birthday is July 1945).

What Benefits Can I Get if Most of My Earnings Are Foreign?


Hi, I write to you from France, where I moved at the age of 24. I have now lived half my life in this country and remain an American citizen. I have been wondering about my social security benefits. I worked on and off in the US from the age of 14 until I moved to France. I can't imagine I would have any retirement benefits, but would the meager amount I earned back then have been accounted for and what can I do to contribute to my American social security while living in France? Thanks, Kris