Filing Options

Have My Wife And I Been Underpaid?


My wife and I are 77 and 78, respectively. We believe we have been underpaid for over 12 years. We both individually qualify for SS benefits. This is all historical and I have everything (?) in an Excel spreadsheet that I would be more than willing to share with you or one of your associates. In 2002, my wife filed and began receiving reduced benefits on her account. Her full retirement benefits would have been available in October 2005 (65+6 mos). I did not apply for any benefits on her account or mine until my full retirement date which was August 2004.

Which Month Should I Choose To Start Benefits?


I turned 66 in March 2017. When I was filling out the on-line application, I was asked if to start benefit on 3/1/2017. Do I make the application effective March or April?


If you want benefits to begin effective with your full retirement age you should choose March, unless you happen to have been born on March 1st, in which case you would choose February.

You may want to consider running the maximization software available on this website first, though. You may have better filing options available to you.

Best, Jerry

Why Weren't My Wife's Benefits Started Effective With January?


My spouse was 68 in March 2016. As per our plan using your program, she applied for her retirement benefit on January 24, 2017. By letter from SSA dated February 1, 2017, she was advised her monthly benefit was raised to her current monthly beginning January 2017. We then received a letter dated 5 days later from SSA indicating the monthly benefit would begin for February 2017, to be received in March. She called SSA to find out why she was not paid a benefit for January.

Can I File For Reduced Benefits At Age 62 And Unreduced Widow's Benefits At Age 66?


Hello. I'll be eligible for social security in about a year and have been trying to get smart regarding my options. I'm not clear on the new deeming rules as they pertain (or if they pertain) to spousal benefits for someone who is already a widow.

I read on and elsewhere that in order (for a wife) to receive a spousal benefit the other spouse (her husband) must have already filed for their (his) benefit. But I can find no example of a situation where the other spouse (husband) is deceased and never filed. Is a widow even entitled to a spousal benefit?

Should I Take 6 Months Of Back Pay, Or Wait Until Age 70?


Need help! I applied online on March 13, 2017 for benefits to start in July 2017, which is my 70th birthday. I got a call from SSA saying that I also had the option for my benefits to start retroactively, in Sep 2016. If I do this, I get a lump sum payment of $29,600 for those retro months, and $3015 per month going forward. If I follow my original plan and wait for my 70th birthday, I will get $3166 per month. So if I take the retroactive option, it's the lump sum of 29,600 as a tradeoff for getting payments going forward of $151 less than if I wait until July.

Should I Switch To My Own Record At Age 66 Or At Age 70?


I am currently getting SSA survivor's benefits ($1173/mo) based on my late husband's SSA account. I am 65 and will turn 66 this August. I also receive a pension from the state of NC. I currently have credit card debt ($17,000 w/$130/mo interest), a car payment ($400/mo) and a mortgage payment $1080/mo). The credit card debt came from moving expenses and pet medical expenses. It is getting harder each month to stay on budget because I have not received a pension raise for the past 5 years.

Can I Get 6 Months Of Retroactive Benefits?


Will the SS offer me six months of retroactive benefits when file for my retirement benefit.? Six months will amount to be half of the 6-2/3% discount per year to my retirement benefit. The reason I ask is that I live outside the country and I am not affected by US inflation because I spend all my money in the Philippines where I retired. What does affect me is the US dollar to Philippine Exchange rate and inflation in the Philippines.