Filing An Appeal

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In April 2015 my wife filed for her spousal social security benefits after I filed and suspended. Social Security started her benefits, but reduced them by two-thirds in a letter dated June 2, 2015. Later in June 2015 we appealed Social Security's decision to withhold two-thirds of my wife's spousal benefit, because they "reduce benefits paid to wives if they also receive a government pension based on their own work." Their decision has to do with the Government Pension Offset law, which does not apply in her case according to our reading of the Government Pension Offset law.

Is It Possible To Appeal A Decision Made By An Administrative Law Judge?


Is it possible to appeal a denial of benefits by an Administrative Law Judge? My Medicare premiums were increased because MassHealth, which insures my disabled husband, made a mistake and paid my Medicare premiums for 2 months, then clawed that back from my Social Security.
I am requesting a hearing before an ALJ, and intend to subpoena the Keeper of the Records for MassHealth to come in with my file and explain what happened. I have tried in vain to get a response from them by mail or by phone.