Divorced Spousal Benefits

Will My Benefits Be Withheld Due To My Ex's Debts?

My ex-husband whom I was married to for 11 years has some kind of a lean on his SS payments where they take almost half. He told me he would be in his 80's before it was taken off his payments. If I were to apply for his benefits instead of mine or my current spouse would I have that lean on it too until it's paid off? His initial benefits were much more than mine.


When Can I Collect a Divorced Spouse's Benefit?

I am 58 and divorced to a man I was married to for 22 years. He is 57.
Can I start drawing on his social security when he becomes eligible?

You can collect a divorced spouse's benefit any time after your Ex-husband turns 62, you don't have to wait until he files for his retirement benefit.
However, if you start your divorced spouse's benefit before your full retirement age, then it will be reduced.

What Are Divorced Spousal Benefits?

I am soon to be divorced after 36 years please advise what divorce spousal requirements are? I've read on SSA.gov that when I retire they use my retirement foremost in first but I can draw upon ex spouse to add to mine is this correct? Also when getting divorced do I have to tell the future ex in a divorce decree what year I plan on retiring and how much I am going to take from his Social security? Thanks, Cynthia

Can I Collect Divorced Spouse's Benefits?

Beginning 9.1.16 I with come off State of Az. Disability. I will then begin collecting $374.00 Az state retirement. I want to apply for SS as well. I will be 64 in 11.16.
My ex is still alive, and i was married over 10 years. Can. I collect on his SS first, letting my SS build until I'm 66 then begin collecting on my own benefits?
PLEASE HELP...MY APPT. IS IN EARLY JULY WITH SS!! :-) And I do need all the income i can get. The SS admin. Denied my disability request and my appeal.

Can I Collect My Divorced Spouse's Benefit Before My Full Retirement Age?

Can I collect on my divorced spouse''s record at age 63? Or do I have to wait til full retirement age?

If you've been divorced for at least two years then you can collect your divorced spouse's benefit as soon as your Ex turns age 62 years and 1 month. If you have not been divorced for two years, then you can collect your divorced spouse's benefit when your Ex files for his retirement benefit. You don't have to wait until your full retirement age (FRA), but if you file before your FRA, then your divorced spouse's benefit will be reduced.

Can I Receive Divorced Spouse's Benefits?

I will be 66 in October I am divorced, my ex spouse is 68 and worked for the Forest Service unsure if he has SS. He has remarried. Can I receive any benefit from his SS. should I collect at 66 for full retirement and do I understand that I could receive which ever SS is the higher. I could receive $500 more if I wait until age 70. My income is $39,000 a year right now.

How Can I Maximize My Benefits after Divorce?

Hi, I divorced after a 34 years of marriage and will be 64 in September. My ex filed for SS at age 62 (two years ago). I am still working but would like to retire as soon as possible. I am receiving 1/2 of his pension ($1000), and want to know when is the best time to file for my SS and can I file for his SS benefit and not affect my own. Thanks, Barbara