Disability Benefits

Would I Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits?

I am a financial planner, had an infection in my spine in 2008. Left me disabled, I qualify for two of my own separate disability policies, including not being able to perform two of my daily activities. I have substantial pain, I have a pain pump implanted in me, and take tremendous amount of pain control medicine. My spine was fused, still have substantial issues with both the spine and sciatic nerve, plus additional complications.

Will I Receive Retroactive Payments If My Claim Is Approved?

i am 58 years old and I filed for Social Security disability but have not been approved yet. if I reach 62 years old; Will I get retroactive payments for the years that I've been waiting on Social Security disability?


Yes, if your disability claim is eventually approved, you'll receive all back pay to which you're entitled.

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What Are The Ramifications Of Disability On Other Benefits?

I have a 58-year-old coworker who will have to take a disability retirement in the next few weeks from the federal government (FERS). Government regulations also requires that he apply for social security disability benefits and if he is approved for social security, then those benefits will offset his government benefits until he turns 62, at which point his government disability payment will automatically convert to a regular government pension.

Should I Apply For Disability Benefits?

I am currently 61, am retired from the US Army and have a VA Disability of 80%. Would it be advisable to file for SS Disability or just wait until 66 and take the regular Social Security?


It certainly wouldn't hurt to file for disability benefits. If your claim isn't approved you're not out anything, and if it is approved you'll start getting your full retirement age benefit paid early.

Does My Husband Need To Do Anything When He Reaches Full Retirement Age?

I am 63. My husband is 60 and on disability. I will retire at 66. We need both of our social security incomes. I seem to remember you talking a while back about how someone reaching full retirement and on disability should handle it once they reach full retirement age, but since the new regulations about file and suspend have gone into affect, we are not sure what to do. Is there anything he needs to do once he reaches full retirement age? Does his regular social security kick in at his full retirement age and that's it? Thank you!


Can I Collect A Spousal Benefit At Full Retirement If I Was Collecting A Disability Benefit

Hi Larry.....I turned 66 in June, 2016 and my Social Security Disability switched over to my regular Social Security benefit of $682.00 a month. My husband's benefit after paying Medicare is $1,478.00 a month. I had heard I could apply for a spousal benefit and wait until 70 to collect my own Social Security benefit. I called the Local Social Security Office and they said no that it automatically converted to my regular benefit. Is this true and is there anything I could do to change it if is not true?

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