Why Wasn't I Able To Draw Divorced Spousal Benefits At Age 63 And Then Switch To My Own Record At Age 66?


I claimed early retirement (63 years old at the time) in 2010. I was unemployed and depleted my unemployment benefits and had found no job. I was divorced from my 35 year marriage in 2003 (I believe). My question to you (and I find this most unsettling to me) when I took early retirement my ex spouse who was also 63 at the time had to leave the workforce due to health issues. He claimed disability SS. I had to use my own SS benefits but continued to work (I had found a job by this time).

WIll I Be Deemed To File For My Own Benefits If I File For Survivor Benefits At Age 63?


Hello Larry,

The following is one of your strategies for claiming Society security when you have options to file under your own benefits or your survivor benefits. I have this question and just need to verify : What if I file at age 63 for survivor benefits, will I be deemed to file under my own record since my benefits is much higher than the survivor benefits.

"File for reduced widow's benefits at age 60 or as soon as your earnings will permit benefits to be paid, then switch to your own record at age 70"



If A Wife Files At Age 62, Will She Receive An Automatic Increase When Her Husband Files?


Spousal Benefit Scenario for New Social Security Rules:

A significantly lower earning spouse (wife) at age 62 filed for her own retirement benefit

When her significantly higher earning husband files for his benefit (currently age 58) at FRA (66) will his wife receive an automatic increase assuming his PIA is greater than 50% of hers?

Can I Take Just My Own Benefits And Not Spousal Benefits If I File At Age 63?


My husband who is 66 started collecting disability at age 64. He has now been converted to Social security. I was given advice at the same time( age 63) to collect SS on my own benefit and change over to my husbands when I turn 66. Since I am now 65, I called SS to discuss this and I was told I should have been collecting part of my husbands as well as mine and they sent me a large check that went back 2 years. I was told I couldn't collect the 50% of my husbands because I have been collecting since age 63.

Can I File For Reduced Benefits On My Own, Then Get An Unreduced Excess Spousal Benefits?


Can I continue to take only my benefits after my husband has filed for his own benefits or will Social Security automatically add in my (reduced) excess spousal benefits?
Scenario: July 2017 - wife is 62+1 and takes her own reduced benefits now or soon after. (no deeming as husband has not filed)
Mar 2020 - husband is 66 (FRA) and takes his benefits. (wife is now eligible for spousal benefits)
Aug 2021 - wife is 66+2 (FRA) and now files for full excess spousal which is added to her own reduced benefits.

Can My Wife File For Just Benefits On Her Own Account At Age 62?


My wife is a British citizen and a naturalized American citizen. She worked in the UK for over 20 years and in the US for about 7. She was born in March 1955.
I "filed and suspended" when I turned 66 in October 2014. Our son was under 18 at the time and I collected $1321 a month for about ten months. I plan to wait until I turn 70 to start collecting.

Can my wife file for SS when she turns 62 in 2017, without having any reference to spousal benefits? I'd like to have her receive the $1321 adjusted for inflation when she turns 66 and two months.

Will this Strategy Invoke Deeming?


Hi, I turned 66 in January 2016 and have an FRA retirement benefit of $2100 but I plan to wait until 7 to draw my benefit. My wife will turn 62 in Oct 2016 with FRA retirement benefit of $590 and she wants to collect at age 62 the reduced benefit of $440. She accepts this reduced benefit until she can file spousal benefits (at near her FRA) when I take my benefit. My question is: Can I file and restrict to spousal benefits after my wife has filed for her early benefit without causing SSA to invoke the "Deemed Filing for Spousal" clause on her benefits? Thanks, Terry