Would My Wife Automatically Start Receiving Spousal Benefits At Her Full Retirement Age Even If I Haven't Filed?

Apr 26 2019 - 11:15am

Assume my wife starts her Social Security worker's benefit at 62 and I being 2 years older defer starting my worker's benefit until age 70. Would my wife automatically receive her spousal benefit from my worker's benefit when she reaches her full retirement age at 66 years and 4 months even though I still have NOT filed?

The logic should be since this would be the most she can earn, Social Security should start paying her even though I have not filed for benefits yet.

Thank you


No. You must be drawing your benefits in order for your wife to potentially qualify for spousal benefits on your record. And, if your wife files for her own retirement benefits at age 62 she'll be stuck with the resulting reduction in her benefit rate for as long as both of you are living, even if she later qualifies for additional spousal benefits from your record. You and your wife should strongly consider using our software to determine your best overall strategy for claiming your benefits.

Best, Jerry