Would My Sister's Widow's Benefit Rate Be Reduced Because She Received Reduced Spousal Benefits?

Jul 13 2017 - 7:37am

This is not for me but for my sis. My husband and I are planning to take benefits at 70. My sis worked but her SS calculated benefit at age 62 was not as great as filing under her spouses work record. So when he reached full retirement age she began collecting on his record. She collects less than half of her spouses current $1600. I dont have the amount. If he passes will her benefit be increased to his current full $1600 / month benefit or will it continue to be reduced because she began collecting under his benefit early at age 62? I have looked everywhere on line and see much widows info but not this ..I hate to bother you with a question you likely answered a zillion times, but this is critical info for her. Thank you.


Since your sister has already reached full retirement age, she would get her husband's full benefit rate in the event of his death. Any reduction that she took to receive spousal benefits early would not carry over to the widow's rate.

Best, Jerry