Would My Brother's Benefit Rate Increase As A Result Of Our Mother's Death?

Mar 9 2018 - 2:58pm

My mentally disabled brother receives a (DAC) based on my father's record. He received an additional survivor benefit when our father died in 2006. Our mother has now died. Would my brother's amount increase because of the family amount change due to her death? My brother was born in 1955 and his mental illness disability started before age 26.


I'm sorry for your loss.

It's possible that your brother's benefit rate may increase as a result of your mother's death, but only if one of the following is true:
1) Your mother's full retirement age rate (PIA) is higher than your father's PIA; or,
2) Your mother was receiving widow's benefits on your father's record and that caused your brother's benefit rate to be reduced due to the family maximum limit payable on your father's record.

In the first case, an application may be needed in order for your brother to start receiving higher benefits on his mother's record. In the second case, any applicable benefit rate increase would be automatic.

Best, Jerry