Would My Boyfriend's Ex-Wife Be Able To Get Any Of His Social Security If I Marry Him?

Mar 14 2019 - 7:30am

Hi Larry, I've been with my boyfriend 19 years now, he was married before he meant me for 19 years and has been divorced for 19 years . My question is, if I marry him will his ex wife be able to get any of his social security benefits/ retirement? Or would i be able to ( I guess you would say draw off of it)?


Your boyfriend's ex-wife could still potentially qualify for divorced spousal benefits on your boyfriend's account regardless of whether or not you and he get married. That would not adversely affect your boyfriend's benefits, though, nor would it affect your potential spousal benefits if you do marry. Divorced spousal and spousal benefits are paid in addition to the worker's own benefits, not taken away from them.

Best, Jerry