Would I Be Eligible For Benefits On My Boyfriend's Record If We Get Married?

Jan 24 2017 - 5:45am

My boyfriend divorced in 2016 I have been living with him since 2015. He receives a pension from his job he retired@ 55 and gets 2700 month will start receiving his SS benefits @62 next month. I am 52 and get SSDI. I have a pension plan at my former employer whenever I can start collecting that 60. If I marry him in 2017 what benefits can I get from his ss benefits if any and when. His Ex 51made more than him and is receiving SSDI and LTD benefits.


You wouldn't qualify for spousal benefits until at least age 62, and even then, you would only be eligible for spousal benefits if your husband's full retirement age benefit rate is more than twice as much as your SSDI rate. If he dies before you and you've been married for at least 9 months, you could become eligible for widow's benefits if his benefit rate is higher than your own disability rate.

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Best, Jerry