Would I Be Able To Claim Spousal Benefits At Age 62?

Aug 1 2020 - 11:08am

Dear Larry,
Quickly, My husband was born in 1957, I was born in 1968. I was awarded Disability Benefits in 2014. I've looked everywhere to find answers but just I've found online seems to apply to our situation.
My husband will be working to or past his FRA. I don't recall the amount his SS record says his benefit would be, but even 50% would still be a lot more than the $825 a month disability I receive.
Would I be able to claim the spousal benefit at 62 or would I have to wait until my FRA for the disability to convert to social security before being able to claim the spousal benefit without it being reduced?
(I read somewhere that the disability amount is set at my FRA age no matter the age I was when awarded disability)
For surviving spouse benefit, I know that if (God forbid) my husband were to pass away next year, that because I'm on disability and over 50yo I would be able to claim that without having to wait until I'm 60. In that scenario, would I continue to receive my disability AND the surviving spouse benefit, or would the disability be reduced/absorbed?
We want to make sure when it's time for all this we're doing things right, and with all these different "checks", when I'm able to claim the spousal benefit, would that mean we would be getting technically 3 checks (my husbands benefit, my benefit and the spousal benefit)?
Thank you for any clarification you can give me.
Kind Regards,

Hi Paige,

You could claim spousal benefits as early as age 62, but only if your husband is drawing his benefits. Also, if you claim spousal benefits prior to your full retirement age (FRA), your spousal rate will be reduced for age.

If your husband dies in the near future and if his primary insurance amount (PIA) is higher than your full Social Security disability benefit, then it sounds like you'd qualify disabled widow's benefits (DWB). DWB benefits are also reduced for age.

Whether you draw spousal, DWB, or regular widow's benefits in the future, those benefits would be paid in addition to your own benefit. But, they would just be a partial, or excess, benefit. Basically, your unreduced excess spousal or survivor rate would be calculated by subtracting your lower benefit from the higher spousal or survivor rate, but that difference would then be reduced for age if you start drawing the spousal or survivor benefits prior to your FRA. You would then be paid both your own benefit plus the excess spousal or survivor benefit.

You and your husband may want to consider using our software to do your Social Security planning.

Best, Jerry