Would Filing For SSDI Help?

Apr 13 2017 - 9:45am

Last week my County insurance was severed because s.s.i. was $16 over the acceptable amount. Yesterday, my food stamps were cut from $168 to $16. Sometime last year my account went over $1200.
I had cancer surgery 11/24/16, take anti seizure, anxiety and depression meds. Is there any way signing up for S.S.D. I. could help? This is an impossible situation!


I'm sorry to hear about all of the problems you are having.

In order to be eligible for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI), you must meet an insured status requirement (https://www.ssa.gov/OACT/ProgData/insured.html). If you are already receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) on the basis of disability, it's likely that Social Security would have required you to apply for SSDI if you were eligible. It wouldn't hurt to check with them to see if something may have been overlooked, though.

Best, Jerry