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Will There Ever Be A Point That My Disabled Son Will Be Subject To Less Extensive CDRs?

Hi Larry, my son is a disabled adult child getting ready to start claiming SSDI from his dad’s record next month. My question is will there ever be a point where he will receive the short form CDR every 3 years, or will he always get the long form with the full CDR every 3 years. He’s 25 now and not due for another review for 2 more years. Thank you so much.

Hi. There isn't a specific age at which your son would no longer be subject to continuing disability reviews (CDR), since having a disabling condition is a requirement for eligibility to disabled adult child's (DAC) benefits. The specific forms used to initiate the CDR and the extent of the periodic reviews are based on Social Security's judgment of the likelihood of a person's medical improvement. In other words, if Social Security expects that your son's medical impairment could improve to the extent that he'd no longer meet the disability requirement for benefits, the more extensive the reviews will be.

If at some point Social Security decides that your son's condition is permanently disabling, the extent and frequency of the CDRs will likely diminish. However, Social Security's specific policies on conducting CDRs change over time, so there's no way to be sure of the exact type and frequency of reviews will occur in your son's case in the future.

Best, Jerry

Jul 30 2022 - 7:14am
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