Will My Wife Still Get Spousal Benefits When I Start Drawing My Benefits At Age 70?

Oct 15 2018 - 12:37pm

Hi Larry...

Will my wife still continue to receive Spousal Benefits, once i retire and start drawing benefits at age 70?
Also, what happens to my wife's spousal benefit, when i die?

Thanks in advance!


I assume you mean that you filed for and suspended your retirement benefits before April 30 2016, and that your wife is currently receiving spousal benefits on your record. In that case, her benefits won't change when you turn age 70 and start drawing your benefits. And, if you die before your wife her spousal benefits will convert to widow's benefits, and she'll receive an amount equal to the full benefit rate you were receiving at the time of your death assuming that she isn't entitled to a higher benefit amount on her own record.

Best, Jerry