Will My Wife Lose Her Spousal Benefits When I Start Drawing At Age 70?

Nov 19 2016 - 8:30pm

In August 2015, at age 68 I did a file and suspend strategy for my SSA benefits, and my wife at age 66 suspended her SSA benefits and filed for Spousal SSA benefits under my account.
When I turn 70 (Sept. 2017), I will rescind "F&S" and file for getting my SSA benefits.
My question is -
Will my wife lose the Spousal SSA benefits she is currently receiving when I refile?
Or, is she still eligible to continue receiving Spousal SSA benefits until she turns 70?

I have your book, have not checked to see if this above situation is covered, so I am curious.


Just to clarify, your wife must not have filed and suspended on her own record or else she would not be receiving a full spousal benefit on your record. If she had filed and suspended on her own record, she could only receive an excess spousal benefit on your account, at best.

Hopefully, what she did instead was file a restricted application for spousal benefits only. Her spousal benefits will not stop when you start receiving your benefits at age 70. And, you won't need to refile when you reach age 70. As long as you've filed and suspended your benefits, Social Security should automatically reinstate your benefit payments when you reach age 70. Your wife can then apply for benefits on her own record when she reaches age 70, at which time her own rate will be at it's highest point. Assuming that her own rate is higher than her spousal rate, the spousal benefits will end when she becomes entitled on her own account.

Best, Jerry