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Will My Wife Automatically Start Getting Her Own Benefits At Age 70?

My wife filed and suspended her SS benefit at FRA and took a spousal benefit (mine). When she turns 70 in 2 months will she automatically begin to receive her own social security benefit or will she need to reapply for it. How does she go about switching from spousal to her own benefit. Thanks Carl

Hi Carl. If your wife had actually filed for and suspended her benefits at full retirement age (FRA), then Social Security would automatically reinstate payment of her benefits at age 70. But, your wife couldn't be drawing spousal benefits if she had actually filed for and suspended her own benefits. What she apparently did instead was apply ONLY for spousal benefits, while specifically excluding her own Social Security retirement benefits from the scope of her application. Therefore, your wife will need to file a separate application for her own benefits in order to establish entitlement to those benefits.

Best, Jerry

Mar 10 2021 - 6:59am
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