Will My Widow's Benefit Be Reduced If I Take it Before My FRA?

Jul 3 2016 - 8:45pm

My husband began collecting full disability from social security at age 62 due to terminal illness. He died at age 65 in 2014. I am currently aged 63 and earn over the threshold for widow's benefits. However, I would like to retire at age 65 and collect his social security prior to taking my full social security at 66/70 (my social security credits, etc. are higher than his). Will I be subject to a reduced benefit at age 65 in filing for widow/survivor benefit? Given that he was on full social security disability as opposed to early retirement how much would one expect the reduction to be if there is a reduction? If I should decide to take my social security retirement at 66/70 is there any penalty for utilizing his account prior to my full retirement age? I realize it would be better for me not to take my own social security until age 70 if at all possible. Thank you.

Your widow's benefit will be reduced by .396% for every month you take it before your full retirement age (FRA). There is no penalty on your retirement benefit for taking your widow's benefit before your FRA.