Will My Social Security Payment Affect My Medicaid Status?

May 10 2017 - 7:32am

I am 62 and in 2013whike I was self employed I had a brain hemorrage , which left me with some permanent deficits. I was denied disability benefits because I had been self employed since 2003 and did not put myself on the payroll because it seemed that I could not afford to pay myself. So, for the last 10 yearsI had not paid into S/S I am now getting Medicaid and I was going to apply for my S/Sretirement but I'm afraid that the income from a retirement check will negate my Medicaid eligibility. I have researched this and have not found an answer. Can you please tell me if aS/S check will affect my Medicaid status?


Medicaid is needs based, so I assume that your status could potentially be affected by any type of income you receive, including Social Security. I don't know much about Medicaid, though, so I can't really answer your question with any certainty. You may want to try perusing the Medicaid website: https://www.medicaid.gov/.

Best, Jerry

Best, Jerry