Will My Sister Be Able To Collect Her Social Security And Her Husband's Railroad Benefits?

Apr 20 2018 - 10:34am

My sisters husband worked for the railroad. He passed a couple years ago but my sister was too young to get his benefits. She is now 100% disabled. She has worked and paid into SS for over 30 years. Will she be able to collect her SS and his benefits?
Thank you


If your sister files for and qualifies for both Social Security (SS) and Railroad Retirement (RR) benefits, her Tier 1 RR benefits will be offset dollar for dollar by the amount of her SS benefits (https://www.rrb.gov/index.php/Benefits/RB-9S). Any Tier 2 RR benefits for which she qualifies could be paid in addition to the higher of her SS or Tier 1 RR rate.

Best, Jerry