Will My Mother's Disability Rate Increase When Her State Disability Stops?

Feb 8 2017 - 10:15am

My mother seemed to have been approved for Social Security Disability benefits, however the amount that is on the verification letter and the amount that was deposited into our account is about $500 less than what was estimated when we applied for the disability benefits.

The reason is likely due to an offset from the temporary state disability income she has been getting which is set to expire in July. After July she will no longer be getting the state disability benefits, only her pension and the Social Security income.

I did read "Your Social Security benefit will be reduced until the month you reach age 65, or the month your other benefits stop, whichever comes first. Starting December 19, 2015, due to a change in the law, your benefits will continue to be reduced until you reach your full retirement age."

For example, the verification form shows amount as $1,500 instead of the estimated and calculated $2,000.

Is the offset permanent? Would it mean that she will be getting $500 less for the rest of her life span due to the offset from the state disability? I'm not sure which part of the quoted statement applies since we applied only a few months ago after Dec, 19, 2015. I'm quite confused what will happen when she reaches FRA in about 1.5 years, will she continue receiving the offset amount or will it give her the estimated amount at FRA?


It sounds like your mother's benefits are currently being affected by the Public Disability Offset provision (https://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/handbook/handbook.05/handbook-0504.html). Unless your mother receives a lump sum settlement from the state disability plan, the offset of her Social Security benefits will end when her state disability payments stop. Otherwise, the offset could continue until she reaches her full retirement age of 66.

Best, Jerry