Will My Grandson Receive Back Pay?

Oct 14 2017 - 6:17am

I have custody of my Grandson his Dad passed in 2014. He was receiving his Dads Ss. March of 2017 A judge sent him to a boys academy for a 6 month training program where he also attends school. He’s coming home in a month. Will he receive back pay His checks stopped in March


That depends in part on his age. Social Security child's benefits can be paid until a child turns age 18. To be eligible after that, the child must be disabled or in full time attendance at a secondary school.

Whether or not your grandson would be due any back pay depends on the reason that his checks stopped and whether or not he is still eligible for benefits. If the boys academy you refer to was a court ordered incarceration, your grandson would likely not be due any payment for the months of his confinement.

Best, Jerry