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Will My Daughter's CDB Application Be Triggered By My Wife Listing Her On Her Application?

Hi Larry:

I had a clarification question regarding this post:

I is not clear to me in the response whether or not the adult child's CDB application was automatically triggered by virtue of the wife/mom filing for retirement benefits and listing the daughter as being disabled prior to age 22 on the retirement application (and of course, the daughter is receiving SSI).

Or, is the CDB application not automatically triggered by the mom's SSDI application and therefore an additional step needs to be taken to apply separately for the adult disabled child's CDB benefits.

Thanks very much for clarifying!

Hi Mike,

The act of listing your daughter on your wife's application would be classified as a protective writing, but a separate application for childhood disability benefits (CDB) would still be needed in order for your daughter to become entitled to CDB benefits. Social Security should solicit the required application in response to your daughter being listed on your wife's application, but you could initiate the CDB application process by contacting Social Security.

Best, Jerry

Dec 1 2020 - 2:43pm
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