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Will I Receive My Spousal Benefits After My Husband Starts Getting His Benefits?

My husband and I, both 66, applied for social security benefits the end of November 2019. My husband applied for full social security benefits and I applied for spousal benefits. We both were born in 1953 so took advantage of the restricted application. My husband's benefits will begin next month in February but my spousal application is still pending. Will I receive my spousal benefits a month or two after my husband starts receiving his benefits? I thought they'd begin at the same time. Your software program was very helpful. Thank you.


I answer the questions submitted to this forum, but I don't have access to our software customer's data. Therefore, I don't know the exact filing strategy that was recommended to you by the software program. In any case, though, your spousal benefits should start effective with the month you chose as your month of election to claim benefits. However, Social Security's processing times vary, so I can't tell you when to actually expect your first payment. If Social Security doesn't pay you timely, they should include any back pay that you're due when they send your first payment.

Best, Jerry

Jan 23 2020 - 11:42am
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