Will I Lose My Veteran's Benefits If I File For Social Security Widow's Benefits?

Feb 26 2017 - 10:00am

Hi Mr Larry
I'm the surviving spouse of a Retired Military Veteran. I am drawing both DIC Benefits & DFAS-SSIA Benefits. I was told, at the time of my husband's death in 2011, that I could begin drawing from his SS benefits when I reached age 60. I will be 60 in April of this yr (2017). My question is... Will I lose my surviving spouse military benefits (either all OR partial) when I start drawing benefits from my late husband's SS?
Thank I for your help.


I'm sorry, but Social Security is my only area of expertise. I can tell you that your benefits from the military will not affect your Social Security benefit rate, but I don't know if the reverse is true. You'll need to check with the agency that handles your military benefits.

Best, Jerry