Will I Have To Wait Until The Next Regular Payment Date To Receive My First Check?

Nov 22 2017 - 12:18pm

The website still says my claim is under review (quality control) since 11/2. Over a week ago, my lawyer called and said they spoke with.SSA, and my claim was approved. It was approved without any appeals in approx 60 days. Today would be my scheduled pay date and nothing was deposited. Will I have to wait until 12/27,.or could it post to my account earlier?


Your first payment could come at any time. When Social Security owes back pay for previous months, they don't wait until the regularly scheduled payment date to make their initial payment. You should also receive an award letter by mail that explains how your payment amount was calculated, but that could be received up to 2 weeks after you receive your first direct deposit.

Best, Jerry