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Will I Get Survivor Benefits When I Turn Age 60?

My husband was 55 and on disability when he died in 2013. I am now 59, disabled, collecting on some portion of his disability. Will I qualify for survivors benefits when I turn 60 next year? Should they be more than my portion of his disability?


Assuming that it was Social Security disability benefits that your husband was receiving, then you are apparently already receiving survivor benefits. Normally, a widow must be at least age 60 to qualify for reduced Social Security widow's benefits, but the benefits can start as early as age 50 if the widow is disabled.

Disabled widow's benefits are paid at the same rate that an aged widow would receive at age 60, so you are simply getting the survivor benefits earlier than normal because you are disabled. Your benefits will continue on at the same rate when you reach age 60.

Best, Jerry

Sep 16 2016 - 11:15am
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