Will I Continue To Get My Own Benefit, Or Can I Collect From My Husband's Record?

Dec 9 2016 - 12:30pm

I am receiving my social security benefits I am 6 years older then my husband I took early benefits I will be 70 in April 2017 my husband will be 64 he is retired and will start his benefit from social security in 2017 do I continue with my benifet or am I allowed to collect from his?


You'll continue to receive your own benefit, and any reduction in your benefit rate that you took for starting benefits early will continue. However, if 50% of your husband's full retirement age benefit rate (PIA) is more than your own PIA (i.e the amount you would be receiving if you had started drawing your benefit at age 66), you may also be eligible for an excess spousal benefit on your husband's account when he starts drawing. You may want to check with Social Security to see if that's a possibility in your case.

A different option would be for your husband to wait until age 66 to apply, at which time he could file a restricted application for spousal benefits only on your record. He could then let his own benefit rate grow until age 70.

Before he applies for benefits, you and your husband may want to run the maximization software available on this website in order to help you decide on your best filing strategy.

Best, Jerry