Will I Be Able To Benefits On My Ex-Husband's Record If I Divorce And Remarry My Current Husband?

Feb 22 2018 - 4:28pm

I called SS and I'm entitled to x husbands ss benifits but I remarried and would need to get divorced from my second marriage to receive benefits from 1st marriage, can I do this and get remarried again to same husband to get the benefits,I think so I'm 65 years old and need the extra income and husband now doesn't have enough to ever receive from his, the SS office told me that. My question is do people do that ?


The answer depends on whether your ex is still alive or not. If your ex is living and you divorced your current husband and became entitled to divorced spousal benefits on your first husband's record, those benefits would terminate if you re-married. However, if your ex is deceased then your surviving divorced spousal benefits wouldn't terminate if you remarried after reaching age 60. I don't really know if people get divorced in order to qualify for certain types of Social Security benefits, but I assume that it happens.

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Best, Jerry