Why Would I Have Received Unexpected Payments From Social Security?

Dec 6 2018 - 9:41am

I received 2 small unexpected SSA deposits on December 3rd, 2018, and my SSDI check is supposed to arrive Wednesday, December 12th. This has never happened before. I turned 59 on the 4th of December so I am very worried. Also, my husband transfers money into my account constantly, to pay bills thru me - does this look like income? I cannot work at all.


At best I can only speculate as to what may have happened. Social Security performs a number of different automated processes that can result in adjustments to a person's benefit rate. When there is such an adjustment, it sometimes results in back pay being due to the beneficiary. Social Security usually pays the back pay as soon as possible rather than adding the back pay to the person's next regular payment.

So, the payments that you received may represent back pay due to an adjustment in your benefit rate. Or, Social Security may have underpaid you at some point in the past and they are now refunding that to you. Either way, you should get a written notice by mail that explains the payments within 2 weeks of when the deposits were made. If you don't receive a written notice explaining the payments within that timeframe, you may want to check with Social Security to see if they can provide an explanation.

Best, Jerry