Why The Long Wait Before I Can Get Divorced Spousal Benefits?

Mar 17 2017 - 6:00am

I turn 62 in April 2017. I just filed for ss. My ex husband turns 62 oct 2017. I was told I have to wait until nov 2018 to collect off his. Why the long wait? Thanks.


In order for you to be eligible for divorced spousal benefits, your ex must either be a) drawing retirement or disability benefits, or b) be at least age 62 and your divorce must have been final for at least 2 years. Of course, you must meet all of the other requirements as well (https://www.ssa.gov/planners/retire/divspouse.html).

So, unless your divorce was final in October 2016, I don't know why you were told that you'd have to wait until November 2018. Even if that's correct, however, you may be eligible sooner if your ex starts drawing his benefits.

By the way, before it's too late to change your month of election to start benefits, you may want to run the maximization software on this website. You may have better options available.

Best, Jerry