Which PIA Will Be Used To Calculate My Wife's Spousal Benefit Rate?

Mar 23 2017 - 7:30am

I will turn 70 in Dec. 2017 and my wife will turn 66 in Sept. 2018.
I plan to file for my benefits ta age 70 and my wife will file for spousal benefits at age 66 and let her own benfits grow till age 70.
I have continued working after my FRA at age 66 and this added 4 years with high income to my SS history and increased my PIA.
My question is: Which PIA will be used to calculate the spousal benefits? Is it the increased PIA with the added 4 yrs of high income or is it the PIA I would have had at age 66?



Your wife's initial spousal benefit rate will be based on 50% of your PIA (Primary Insurance Amount, or full retirement age rate) at the time she becomes entitled to her spousal benefits. So, she will benefit from any increases in your PIA that result from your earnings after you reached full retirement age.

Best, Jerry