When Our Youngest Child's Benefits End Will His Benefit Amount Be Reassigned To Our Disabled Adult Child?

Jul 14 2018 - 7:24am

Hi, My husband and I are both receiving social security benefits. We have 2 sons. One is a DAC and is 20 yo the other is a 17 yo senior in highschool. When our 17 yo graduates he will no longer qualify for benefits. When that happens will the benefits he receives be assigned to our DAC? Thank you.


Possibly, but only if your children's benefits are being reduced due to the family maximum benefit (FMB). A child's benefit rate on the account of a living parent is normally 50% of the parent's full retirement age rate (PIA). However, there is an FMB limit that can be paid out on any individual's Social Security record, which in some cases can limit the amount payable to eligible children to less than the normal 50% of their parent's PIA.

I don't have enough information about your family's case to be able to answer your question, but your disabled adult child's (DAC) benefit rate would only increase when your other child's benefits end if the FMB is currently limiting their benefit rates to less than 50% of the PIA of the parent on whose record they're entitled.

Best, Jerry