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When Do People Receive Their Initial Payment?

If an individual chooses/applies to take SS retirement benefits in the month they reach FRA (i.e. as soon as possible with no reduction). Will the individual receive their "initial payment" in that month, or the following month? I understand SSA pays benefits in arrears, however, on the initial payment when reaching FRA there appears to be some conflicting information on the internet as to when it is paid. Thanks Larry.


In the scenario you describe, the person's first payment would be due in the month following their month of full retirement age attainment. For example, if a person turns 66 in August and chooses that as their month of election to start benefits, their first payment would be due in September. However, sometimes a person's first payment can come earlier or later than normal depending on when they file their application for benefits.

Best, Jerry

Jul 30 2017 - 6:48am
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