When Can I Receive My Divorced Spousal Benefit?

Jun 28 2016 - 10:15pm

Hi Larry, I'm 63 and my ex-husband (married 24 years, divorced 2) is 60. Currently I'm not working, I started collecting SSA benefits at 62 but stopped within a year and paid them back. Now I plan to draw on my ex's record at 66 and switch to mine at 70. My question are: 1) How long can I receive my spousal benefits? I've never seen the length of time available explained anywhere. 2) What exact terminology do I need to use in order to get exactly what I want? I'm single now and will remain single. Thanks, Sally

Hi Sally, since you withdrew your retirement benefit application and repaid the benefits received, it's as if you never applied in the first place. Assuming your retirement benefit is larger, you can receive your — your, not your ex's — divorced spousal benefit until you file for your larger retirement benefit using this terminology. Thanks, John