What Wording Do I Use To File And Suspend?

Apr 6 2018 - 2:27pm

I want to file and suspend my social security benefits on my 2018 application. What wording do I write down on the application to clearly explain to Social Security that I want to File and suspend my benefits? Any suggestions will be helpful.

Thanks CA

Hi CA,

First off, think long and hard before you file for and suspend your Social Security retirement benefits. The 2015 amendments passed by Congress eliminated most of the advantages of filing for and suspending benefits (https://www.ssa.gov/planners/retire/claiming.html?intcmp=AE-RET-PLRT-REL...). There are also potential disadvantages such as preventing you from being able to receive other benefits, like spousal and survivor benefits for example. So, you may be better off simply waiting to file until you are ready to draw your benefits.

Before you do anything, you should strongly consider using our maximization software to compare your filing options and determine your best strategy for claiming benefits.

If you do decide to file for and suspend your benefits, though, you can do so by adding a statement in the remarks section of your application such as "I wish to voluntarily suspend my benefits effective with my initial month of entitlement."

Best, Jerry