What Will Happen When My Son Reaches Age 18?

Mar 19 2018 - 10:08am

I am receiving widows benefits disability I am 51 I got my husband's retirement early. My question is I have a son who turns eighteen receiving benefits also but what happens to them when he turns 18 do I receive his benefits or do they just add anymore to mine because mine seem low?


Your son's benefits will likely terminate when he reaches age 18, unless he is disabled or he is still in high school at that time. Assuming that his benefits are terminated, it may or may not result in you receiving a higher benefit rate depending on whether or not your benefits are currently being reduced due to the family maximum benefit (FMB) on your husband's record.

Assuming that you don't also receive benefits on your own record, your normal benefit rate as a disabled widow would be calculated at 71.5% of your husband's full retirement age rate/primary insurance amount (PIA). If you've been receiving less than that due to the FMB, then your benefit rate should increase somewhat if and when your son's benefits terminate.

Best, Jerry